Power is another big thing to respect. This is more of an idea than a thing. When I say power, I mean the power that people have over other people. I respect this power because if they have more power than me then I have to respect them.

An example of the power that I respect is: the principal at the school having power over all of the kids. If she has power over everybody, then she will be respected. In some cases the people without the power may not respect the person, but they will respect the power that that person has.

powerThe symbol for power on electronics.




I respect a lot of things. One important one is guns. There is many reasons to why I respect guns. I respect all kinds of guns. That is because they can all do mostly the same thing.

That same thing that they all can do is shoot. If they can’t do that then it isn’t a gun. The reason that I do respect guns is because when they shoot, things get hurt. They can kill you, harm you, or you could lose something special. I am always careful around guns and I show them much respect.

270This is my .270 rifle that I hunt with.


I really do respect my parents. They have done so much for me. They even brought me into this world. They take care of me, feed me, and help me with anything that I need. They teach me how to live life the right way.

An example of how the teach me how to live the right way is: they show when to spend money and when not too, and they teach me how to behave. The most important reason that I respect my parents is because they are my parents. They respect and help me anytime, so I respect them.

parentsThis a picture of cartoon parents.



Introduction – Trey

baseballMe playing baseball.

Hello, my name is Trey Martin. I created this blog for a project in school. This project is about respect. We have to list things that we respect on this blog. Respect is a very important thing. Espcially when it comes to liking someone. All you need is respect to make things better.