The second thing about school that I respect is teachers. Teachers are a very important thing in everyone’s life. Teachers go through a lot to teach people what they need to know about life. Some teachers are better or higher ranked then other ones, but all teachers are still important.

Teachers are so important because they teach everyone when they come through school. As I said earlier, there are ones at different ranks. for example, kindergarten teachers are teaching kids how to spell and read and such. If you didn’t know that, then you wouldn’t be able to survive. Then you have the college professors. They teach things to people that need it in their life to make money. That is why teachers are so important.


This is a teacher explaining to kids how to do some work.



School Property

The first thing about school that I respect is school property. School property is very important thing in everyone’s life. Some school property is better then others but we should still respect it.

I respect school property because it shows how school property 0belongs to the student as much as it belongs to the faculty. When a child disrespects his or her school, she is hurting him or her around them. Some people just don’t care about their education. Respecting school equipment is the most important thing to do.

Computers that have been respected at Warren New Tech



A place that I respect. One place that I respect is school. School is a big place you should respect. There are many reasons to why you should respect your school.

First, you should respect your teacher because the go through a lot trying to make you pass your course. If someone believes in good grades, then they should respect it. You should also respect the school because that is a place of learner ship. Warren New tech high school.


Kindness is another big thing to respect. This is more of an idea than a thing. I respect  kindness because it a nice thing to do. Kindness contributes in my life everyday.

Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. I respect kindness because you need to be kind to everyone. Ways of doing kindness things, are helping others. This is the most important thing. If you every see someone who needs help offer because it shows how kind you are.


This is a photo of a younger person stepping up and helping this older women across the road.



I respect a lot of things. But this one is important. There is many reasons to why I respect wildlife. I respect all kinds of wildlife.

Respecting wildlife people have different ways of respecting wildlife so examples are set up camp at least 200 feet from water so animals have access to it. Drop no crumbs, leave no waste, feed no pests. Keep alert with eyes, ears, and nose for signs of wildlife. Many people should not harass animals because it wastes the energy that they need to survive. Never get to close to the animals because it may become aggressive and dangerous. Both intentional and unintentional disturbance results in negative impact.  We are the visitors, they are the permanent residents.

Deer in the wildlife.



Police officers

I really do respect my police officers. They do a lot to protect our nation. They take care of businesses when it needs to be take care of.  They teach others how to live life the right way.

Police officers will put their lives on the line to protect not only you but the rule of law, which affects society as a whole. They show up for work and have no idea what they will face on their duty. They don’t know if they will make it home that night. They deserve our utmost respect but not without conditions.


This picture represents police officers on duty.



Now, a place that I respect. One place that I respect is church. Whatever religion you are, you should always respect your church, or your place of worship. There are many reasons to why you should respect your church.

First, if you believe in it, then you should respect it. For example, if someone believes in God, then they should respect him. You should also respect the church because that is his place of worship and if you respect him than you should respect his church. churchThis is my own church.

Norlina Baptist Church